Online Roulette for US Players

Many people in the United States of America and in other countries consider the US to be the undisputed gambling Mecca of the world. This reputation is probably due to the worldwide fame of one US city; Las Vegas.

However in spite of the international image the US has with regards to gambling, it has some of the toughest gambling laws in the free world. Some US states allow gambling and offer a state lottery and some also have a very vibrant casino industry.

In locations where casino gambling is legal the casinos offer gamblers all forms of gambling. Gamblers can make sports bets, racing bets, play slots, roulette and blackjack, take part in poker tournaments and cash games, and many other games such as Asian games.

Gambling online used to be completely legal for US players up until 2006, when the US Congress passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). This law prohibited online casino operators from providing US players with online gambling. The law also criminalizes payment processing companies and banks that transfer money between online casinos and players.

The US ban on online gambling continues but the UIGEA does not criminalize the activity of players and hordes of US players continue to play with offshore online casino operators.

However simply because there are still many online casinos that accept US players, it does not necessarily mean that these casinos are ideal for US roulette players. Many online casinos that target the US market tend to have a huge selection of online slots and offer very little in the form of other games.

This is exactly where our website comes into the picture and filters for US players the best online roulette for US players. We sieve through hundreds of online casinos and check them first and foremost for their reliability and trustworthiness.

Once we have established that an online casino is safe for players and provides them with excellent service, we continue to check their roulette games. We look at how many types of roulette offered, which types, the rules of each type and payouts offered.

The online casinos that have good roulette games are then tested for their randomness and fair-play. One of our roulette players will deposit money and start testing the roulette games to ensure that the Random Numbers Generator (RND) is working properly.

Finally we test the withdrawal procedures because we believe that if you win money you should be able to withdraw it without any problems. We will never recommend an online casino that takes ages approving and issuing withdrawals.

In addition to recommending the best online casinos for US roulette players, we also cover all matters relating to the game of roulette itself. We provide background information on the game and historical information on its development.

You will also find strategy advice, detailed articles that deal with each type of bet in roulette, full descriptions of roulette rules and tips for bankroll management. We also provide information about the odds of winning roulette and tips for those wishing to optimize their roulette playing.

We will always endeavor to bring you the latest roulette-related news and any other news from the online gambling industry that might be of use. Continue visiting us for exciting roulette bonus offers and information on special promotions for players.

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