Casinos Digitally Follow Players to Discover Roulette Cheats 05.12.2011

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Casino’s security is constantly improving making it harder for casino cheats to defraud the casinos. Technology plays an important part in helping the casinos detect and stop cheating. Now the casinos have at their disposal a new system that allows them to better monitor the roulette tables and prevent casino fraud.

When the roulette wheel is spinning fast and the ball is dropped on to it there is no real way of knowing on which numbered slot the roulette ball will land and when the ball does eventually settle into a single slot the result can be considered random.

However as the wheel and ball slow down but the ball is still bouncing on the wheel, it is easier to make a correct assumption as to where the ball will land. It might not be possible to pinpoint the exact numbered slot the ball will eventually land on, but at least you can correctly foresee in which section of the wheel it will land.

Experienced roulette players understand that this is why the call “no more bets” is heard just before the roulette wheel starts to slow down and they would respect the call and not attempt to place any bets after the call was made.

However there are some players that do not like relying on luck when playing games of chance. They prefer to try and cheat the casino and win dishonestly. These players usually work in pairs; one player distracts the croupier while the other player is sneaking in new bets to the table well after the call for “no more bets” was heard.

The new system uses cameras that are coordinated with the ball movement and any movement that is made on or around the roulette table. This way as soon as the camera picks up on the ball slowing,, there is another camera that immediately is aimed at the rim of the roulette table and catches any cheats trying to sneak in late bets.

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