Michael Jackson’s Hair to be made into a Roulette Ball 15.12.2011

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A year and a half have passed since the entire world woke up one morning to the shocking news that the king of pop himself, Michael Jackson has passed away in his own bed at a rented mansion in California.

Ever since his passing fans and admirers from all over the world started looking for ways of celebrating the man’s life and work. Tribute concerts were held all over the world and we are all about to get flooded the next few years with tribute films and television shows.

However all the commemorative efforts seem pretty standard, that is until a gambling website called OnlineGamblingPal.com purchased a clump of Jackson’s hair at a Michael Jackson memorabilia sale this past weekend.

The website was one of 15 individual bidders trying to get their hands on the coveted clump of hair. It took a bid of a staggering $10,871 to beat all other bidders.

Now the website is planning on using the hair by turning it into a regulation roulette ball. A spokesperson for the website said: “Since we’re big Michael Jackson fans, we are very pleased that we won the auction. We had been looking for a fitting way in which to celebrate this entertainment colossus’ life since his tragic death in 2009”.

The spokesperson added that the website “encourages any casino interested in using this unique ball at its tables” to contact the website as they would be delighted to allow the soon to be made roulette ball to be used in entertaining roulette games as a tribute to the world’s greatest entertainer.

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