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Roulette is one of the easiest and most exciting gambling games available at online casinos and therefore a real favorite with gamblers. It is an easy game of chance that has a simple set of rules about the way the game is played and the different betting options available to players.

What tends to separate professional roulette players from the rest of us, who occasionally enjoy betting on our lucky number or date of birth, is the strategic way in which they manage their roulette bankroll and split their bets. Doing so provides them with a longer playing session and greater chances of success.

What is Bankroll Management?

You will come across the term bankroll management in many publications relating to online gambling and gambling in general as it plays an important role in maximizing your gambling capabilities and provides you with better overall odds to have a successful playing session.

There is no one single bankroll management theory that works for everybody because each player has their own budget and objectives. Different playing styles also play a part in determining the best bankroll management strategy for you.

When choosing to apply a roulette bankroll management system you must take into account how fast you like to play, which types of roulette bets are your favorite to make and what do you expect to gain from your playing session. Are you in it just to have some fun or do you plan on gambling serious money in order to have a chance to win big, or maybe you are just somewhere in between?

It is important to differentiate between roulette bankroll management system and roulette betting system. Betting systems dictate how much you should bet after winning or losing a bet and/or which types of bets you need to focus on, while bankroll management dictates your betting budget for a playing session or a period of betting in order to ensure you do not lose control over your finances and make your money last longer.

Types of Bankroll Management

There are different types of roulette bankroll management systems for different types of players. Below is a brief explanation about the different types but if you seek greater info on each system, please check the individual articles about each system.

Single Session Bankroll Management

Pick a win-goal for your session before you start playing and then allocate a bankroll that is five times your win-goal. For example; if you are happy winning €20 then your playing session bankroll should be €100. Once you have reached your win-goal you should end your playing session.

Monthly Bankroll Management

Calculate how much money you can afford to lose on playing roulette every month based on your salary and living expenses. Break your monthly bankroll into smaller bankrolls for several playing sessions. Stop playing once you run out of your bankroll, even if it is the beginning of the month, and wait for the next month to start with a fresh monthly bankroll. In case you finish your month with a net profit, you can add that net profit to next month bankroll but it is advised to cash out at least 50% of your net profit and add what is left to next month bankroll.

Withdrawing Winnings Bankroll Management

Whether you apply a ‘session roulette bankroll management’ or a ‘monthly roulette bankroll management’ you are able to apply a bankroll management system that dictates you cash out your initial investment after a big win. For example you deposited €200 and decided to allocate €100 for a roulette playing session, you got very lucky and managed to win €500 of net profit. You now have €700 in your player account. You should ask the casino for €200 cash out and leave €500 to play with and the best thing is that you will know while you play those €500 that you are playing with the casino’s money and not your own.

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